For over twenty years, Realty Capital has been one of Central Florida’s most competent commercial real estate brokerage and property management firms.


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Tenant Representation

As one of Orlando’s top tenant representation experts, we understand successful real estate strategy goes beyond just locating the right space for your business located in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, and Lakeland Florida. Our advisors understand the market and what creates a successful location for your business. In our strategy, we look to improve productivity and save on costs by reducing the overall real estate risk and set the foundation for the continued success of your business.

Realty Capital Advisors

Succeed with great space.
Your location needs to support your business plan and add value to your operations.
We are active listeners and know the market.

Our Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services Include:

  • Is your business growing or shrinking?
  • How important is location to your talent search?
  • Have you considered ancillary costs like parking and operating expenses?
  • What is the trade off between market rents and location?
  • How does the workspace tie into your company’s vision?
  • What is the reputation of the building’s landlord?
  • Do you know what lease terms landlords will push back on?
  • How important is site selection?
  • What are the demographics of your customer base?
  • Who is in is your competitive set?
  • Which market has the best opportunities?
  • What areas are experiencing the most population growth?
  • What are the lease terms you absolutely have to have?
  • What is the best lease term for your business plan?
  • What is your real estate strategy?
  • How will the location impact your supply chain?
  • What physical needs does your business have for a building?
  • Will the location support your distribution network?
  • What sub-market has the most favorable rents?
  • Will you need additional strategic locations?
  • Would a market assessment help make a better decision?
  • Are you looking to expand, or is this your first location?
  • What area will work best for your customers?Are there special space requirements for your medical services?
  • How much parking will your business need?What type of building will support the image of your company?
  • What lease term gives you the best return on the investment?
  • Should you be concerned with outgrowing your office space?
Experts with Tenant Representation

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Tenant Representation Needs?

We take care of each assignment to completely understand the needs of the company. The location needs to support the efforts of the business. With our years of experience, we can provide recommendations for space efficiency and location visibility. We understand the local market and can make sure we deliver on your requirements. Whether you need maximum exposure for a retail location, or you must have functional office space that is convenient for all of the employees, we can deliver on your goals for a new location. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality tenant representation services for a business located in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, and Lakeland Florida.


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