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Is the Office Co-Working Environment here to Stay?

In recent years, the trend of the co-working office environment has taken the world by surprise. Various types of businesses are adopting this co-working model with accessories and equipment that will further solidify the working experience. That being said, with rapid advancements in technology and software, is it possible that this office co-working space will eventually die down in the office workspace?

Before answering this question, we will have to go through the pros and cons of a co-working environment in order to construct a fair argument.

Advantages of a Co-Working Environment

A co-working company has a multitude of benefits that allow its employees to reach the peak of their productivity. The first benefit of a co-working environment is, of course, the atmosphere of the workplace. A co-working space and environment greatly encourage social interaction and other forms of socialization. Most office spaces can be very ostracizing for certain individuals, which makes a co-working environment a breath of fresh air in an office.

Another major advantage that comes with this office environment is the plethora of different equipment and facilities that complement the co-working environment. Facilities, such as joint tables, whiteboards, conference rooms, and projectors, etc. tend to make for a better and more collaborative working environment where everyone has an equal chance to share their opinion.

Disadvantages of a Co-working Environment

With all of its advantages and all of the things that a co-working experience manages to get right, there are still some serious problems. One major disadvantage of this form of working environment is the lack of privacy and dedicated workspace.

You and other workers are jumping from one room to another, with your equipment in hand making for a very tedious work environment.

Another disadvantage of a co-working environment is the lack of storage space for personal files and valuables. In offices that do not have a co-working environment, many employees have a dedicated workspace where they can keep all of their valuables, without anyone bothering them.

Technology and How it is Better

With the massive shift in technology in recent years, everything is getting smaller, more portable, and much more immersive. Seeing how augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming easily accessible to the public, it is clear that this will soon be included in modern working spaces as well.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, office, and other working spaces can have a proper co-working environment, without having to give up on privacy.

Using applications such as Line, or Skype, large groups of people can stay online and can talk to each other in a way that resembles a co-working environment. Furthermore, applications like GDoc can allow several employees to work on the same project in real-time without having to get up and meet.

Technology offers all of the benefits of co-working environments without any of its flaws; sure some of you may argue that it may bring issues, like connectivity and downtime into the mix, but they are minor issues compared to those of a co-working environment. So to answer the question it is very obvious that the co-working office environment will not stay for long.

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