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Five Office Trends to Watch in Orlando

At the heart of every office design, there is always that need to create a space that supports employee comfort and productivity while still reflecting the company’s corporate culture and values. The ever-evolving needs of businesses and the growing complexity of business functions and operations have made this even more difficult.

As hard as this seems to be, a lot of companies in Orlando are getting it right. If you’re designing your office space anytime soon, this post discusses some of the hottest 2020 office trends you may want to jump on.

Nature-inspired office designs

More and more Orlando offices are going green with office designs aimed at sustainability and merging the outdoors with the office. This makes sense when you consider that most of our time as humans are spent indoors and that this significantly impacts our connectivity with nature.

Nature has enormous positive effects in the workplace. This is why many Orlando office designs are incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, plants, fireplaces, and natural lighting, among other things, into office designs. This will continue into 2020 and beyond.

Tech-inspired office designs

Customer expectations are always evolving, and so are the business needs and core functions and operations. The good thing about technology is that it can simplify complex processes and greatly improve productivity and efficiency.

For some time now, Orlando’s office design has been more about tech and innovation. Smart tech systems and solutions are taking the place of old-school office processes and products. This, for sure, is one of the best 2020 office trends you can incorporate into your workplace now.

Open and unstructured designs

There are so many things to love about the trendy open and unstructured office concepts that are the trend now in Orlando. Not only are these designs very great for flexibility and collaboration, but they are also very cost-effective to build. This is great for employees to move around and equally good if you’ll be reconfiguring the office space anytime soon.

Simple and minimalist office design

Business needs are becoming increasingly complex, and office designs are becoming more complex and chaotic as well. But many Orlando companies are now designing workplaces that are basic, simple, clutter-free, and pleasing to the eye.

This helps to improve employee focus and productivity while reducing stress and unhappiness. For your next office redesign, you should consider simple and streamlined aesthetics, single-tone fabrics, and other things that will bring minimalism and simplicity into the workplace.

Multi-functional furniture and equipment

Multifunctional furniture has taken a prominent place in both home and office designs, and this has been a recurrent theme in Orlando’s office designs as well. This is one of the 2020 office trends you want to keep an eye on as well.

Your office no longer needs hundreds of specialized items for different purposes. You can now source high-quality office furniture for your office design and remodeling that will significantly boost workplace performance and efficiency without compromising comfort and convenience.

Bottom Line

A lot is happening as far as the modern office design is concerned. These are, however, some of the hottest trends that will dominate the Orlando office design scene in 2020 and beyond. You can hardly go wrong with any of these 2020 office trends as far as workplace productivity, and employee comfort and wellness go.

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