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We Know the Local Market

Agency Leasing

We have an experienced team that provides agency leasing services for office, retail, industrial, and medical office properties. The marketing platform we use will get your property noticed and we are able to drive leads. These leads are cultivated into prospects and translate into deals with our leasing team. Our seasoned team has experience leasing buildings to stabilization and fighting for the terms to protect the landlord in each lease. As one of Orlando’s top commercial leasing companies, we specialize in delivering results in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, and Lakeland areas.

Realty Capital Advisors

Attract and retain the best tenants to your properties.
Achieve higher net operating income and valuations.
Your investment is our priority.

Leasing Services


We provide a strong office leasing platform. Our office marketing is very targeted to local businesses. Marketing and negotiating an office lease is in our blood. We can provide recommendations on vacant space preparation and we source tenants with staying power.

Experienced Leasing Team

Local Market Knowledge

Digital Marketing

Client Updates

Lease Negotiations

Market Insight

Proactive Approach

Hustle is a Core Value

Leasing Services


We have over 50 combined years of experience with retail leasing. We understand the importance of strong co-tenancy and getting the best tenant eco-environment so they can successfully grow their business. A successful retail tenant is one with a consistent clientele and one that will continue to renew their lease.

Co-tenancy Recommendations

Trade Show Participation

Strong Tenant Contacts

Accessible Leasing Team

Comprehensive Marketing

Professional Services

Results Driven

Innovation is a Core Value

Leasing Services


We provide comprehensive industrial leasing services. We understand the diverse needs of industrial tenants, from smaller businesses starting out to larger distribution type businesses, trying to manage the last-mile product delivery. Successful industrial leasing is all about the function of the space and the access to the loading area.

Experienced Team

Market Research

Lease Negotiations

Responsive Client Service

Industrial Awareness

Great Follow Through

Creative Deal Structures

Accountability is a Core Value

Leasing Services

Medical Office

Medical leasing requires a certain skill. We have the experience of leasing medical offices to doctors and health networks in all office classes. We concentrate on sourcing the best medical office tenants to meet our client’s needs. Our dedication to accuracy allows us to best represent our clients – ensuring that no time or money is wasted on unqualified tenants.

Experienced Team

Strong Negotiators

Great Client Service

Broad Market Knowledge

Rental Rate Recommendations

Professional Services

Dedicated to Success

Commitment to Excellence is a Core Value

Our Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services Include:

We Have the Experience

With over 100 years of combined experience and being active in the market for 25 years has given us the experience to deliver on each transaction. We understand the tenant drivers for space and we invest in market research. We understand what areas performing better than others and why. We work hard for our clients to ensure we get the best lease structure possible with the best rate. Our high level of customer service is what truly sets us apart from our competition.

We Use Advanced Digital Marketing

While we have years of experience, we also utilize cutting edge marketing to reach the broadest potential of buyers or sellers in the market. With 95% of all information searches starting online, we make sure our listings are optimized for the best positioning.

We take great care to manage and update our database of current businesses in each sub-market. This way we can target our marketing and deliver on results for our client.

We Know the Local Market

Why Choose Us for Your Agency Leasing Needs?

With over 100 combined years of leasing experience, we know what it takes to get the job done for office, retail, industrial and medical office leasing. Let one of our experts work for your building and see what the difference is with a professional team. We invest in market research and are active in reviewing the activity in the market. We know what sub-markets are doing well and what types of terms can get achieved to benefit the landlord. We have been through several real estate cycles and can help you navigate through the good and bad times to increase the value of your investment.

Let us show you how Realty Capital Advisors gets it done!


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