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5 Things to consider before leasing an office space

when Leasing an office space there are many different considerations here are 5 Things to consider before leasing an office space

1. Location

While looking for office space, location is one of the very important factors which needs to be taken into consideration. The office building which is surrounded by all the basic amenities such as cafes restaurants, banks, etc. is highly appreciated by the employees. If you have a team you need to make sure that the place is close enough for them to also has to make sure to select office space according to the type of business they have. If you have a B2B business model then an office building near downtown or the area which has a lot of companies will make more sense as compared to the one which has more residential influence.

2. Office space/ build-out options that fit the team

Once the location is finalized next comes the office interiors/build-outs, you have to keep in mind that build-out should suit your office and team needs. Also, the management company should be accommodative enough to consider your requirements and make changes accordingly. In the end, a healthy and comfortable work environment will turn out to be more productive.

3. The lease should be clear

Always make sure that you mention your needs to the property management or the owner and all those provisions should be mentioned in the lease. Ask the customization options that you are allowed to do. You just don’t want to go by there words and later pay the fees. All the conditions and the polices including maintenance fees should be stated in the lease and the same should be agreed by both the parties before signing it.

4. Get help from experts.

The process of looking for an office space can be overwhelming at times. Even if you are aware of the location and the city it becomes difficult to find out the perfect one for you. But the process can be easier if you have a commercial real estate broker or an agent to help you with it. Ask for referrals or you can also look for your office space with excellent build-outs and great tenant incentive packages with Realty Capital Advisors, serving Central Florida from the last 23 years.

5. Parking space

The availability of parking space is one of the factors that you need to consider while looking for a workspace. You need to make sure that your employees have enough parking space within the building or nearby. A secure parking space is always a plus. Providing an option for covered parking space is something appreciated by the employees.

An office space with great location and amenities is always a must for any business to grow. Make sure that you take the correct decision for your office and also for your employees. We hope these points will help you in deciding the best place for your business.
Happy Hunting!

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